Best Flowers and Chocolates for Valentine’s Day in Ventura CA

Colorful Flowers

You can get some of the best flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day in Ventura, CA, by contacting or visiting any of the following locations. This list is composed of highly regarded stores that will help you dazzle your significant other. 

Whether you want to do something creative and inventive or more classical, you’ll have plenty of options thanks to the glistening variety at these establishments. So, read through this list before deciding on your Valentine’s Day gift! 

Shells Petals Florist 

With a keen eye for colors and a devotion to the essence of flower arrangement, Shells Petals Florist thrives at composing vivid and evocative creations. 

As you begin browsing through their various options, you’ll find a wide assortment of dazzling bouquets, each displaying their own unique spirit. A Beautiful Sight, for instance, is highlighted by searing white colors while options such as the Aura of Winter meshes various tones and hues to mimic the majesty of winter. 

To hear what past customers think of the charming Shells Petals Florist shop, read reviews on their Facebook page

Ex Voto Chocolate Confections 
Ex Voto Giant S'mores Heart

When you think of the word artisanal, a distinct sense of skill, care, and craftmanship comes to mind, and all these attributes are evident in the hand-crafted chocolates at Ex Voto Chocolate Confections. 

The vast array of options at this delightful shop will throw your taste buds into a tizzy, and surely impress your partner on Valentine’s Day. The Chocolate Bonbons, for example, are heavenly and each one is individually hand-painted with colored cocoa butter to create a visually stunning appearance and rich taste. 

Want to learn more about Ex Voto Chocolate Confections? Their Facebook page is a great place to start!  

Passion Flowers 

The vibrancy and inventiveness of the various arrangements composed at Passion Flowers will steal the attention of the room and leave your significant other speechless. 

Each bouquet is hand-arranged by the experienced and talented staff who commonly meshes colors, styles, and sizes to evoke raw emotions from their pieces. A terrific example is the Devoted to You™ Red Roses which contain a classical charm that’s sure to warm the heart of any recipient. 

To see photos of other arrangements, take a gander at the Passion Flowers Facebook page!

Create a Brilliant Gesture this Valentine’s Day

To impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day, consider getting a gift from any of these highly regarded and innovative establishments!