Tasty Food Trucks Ventura CA

Tasty Food Trucks Ventura CA

Tasty food trucks line the streets of Ventura, CA, and the following trucks have garnered a reputation for being especially delightful thanks to authentic dishes and accommodating service. If you’re itching for something new to eat and happen to see any of these trucks rolling down the street or parked in a cozy spot, you’ll be glad you made a quick visit.

Take a few moments to learn about some of the premier food trucks in the area. The more you learn, the more you’ll salivate!

Belly Bombz

Belly BombzWith a name as tasty as Belly Bombz, it’s no surprise that each item on this favored truck’s menu is brimming with flavor and authenticity.

The burgers are especially savory and come in a variety of different constructions. Additionally, chicken sandwiches and fries covered in fresh toppings will excite the taste buds. And, if you happen to get thirsty, an assortment of craft beer is available.

Belly Bombz is a smashing hit with the locals and you can read about their experiences by visiting the Belly Bombz Facebook page!

It’s in the Sauce

A taste of Texas-style barbeque comes to Ventura, CA, each time the It’s in the Sauce truck comes rolling down the street.

Menu options are a sheer delight with meats ranging from Spare Ribs, Cale-Tex Tri-Tip & Brisket Mix, Smoked Pulled Pork, Chopped Chicken Mix, and Smoked Spicy Links. As for sides, well, you’ll have a buffet of options like the Potato Salad, Collard Greens, Garlic Rolls, or Mac-N-Cheese.

If you hear the It’s in the Sauce truck coming, best to get in line quick! To see what the truck looks like, check out their Facebook page!

So Truck

So TruckSo Truck is a one-stop-shop of culinary favorites that is so, so very irresistible. The options are wide-ranging and exquisitely compiled while each dish is served out with a smile.

Some of the hits include the New York, New York, Donney-moi, Tandoori Shrimp Fried Rice, and Ka-Baoski which comes complete with bulgogi beef, pickled jalapeno and red onion, cilantro, and secret sauce.

If you happen to be craving a fine meal on the move, you can’t get much better than the savory, exotic dishes that stem from the So Truck kitchen. To see photos of their works, visit their Facebook page!

Check Out Any of These Savory Food Trucks near Ventura CA

The future of food is on wheels and you can have a taste while it’s hot by ordering anything from these delightful and delicious food trucks!