Best Irish Pubs for St. Patrick’s Day in Ventura CA

Best Irish Pubs for St. Patrick's Day in Ventura CA

Just because you’re situated on the west coast doesn’t mean you can’t take in the festive holidays that dot the early spring calendar. If you move through the following sections, you’ll learn about the top Irish pubs for St. Patrick’s Day in Ventura, CA. These esteemed locations provide a jubilant atmosphere, a hearty range of beers, savory bar food, and all the fun-loving festivities of this joyous celebration.

So, begin making your St. Patrick’s Day plans by learning about these authentic bars!

Brendan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

The festivities and easy-going nature of Brendan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant make this drinking hole a favored location for locals and visiting tourists.

Best Irish Pubs for St. Patrick's DayA hearty beer menu jumps off the page as soon as you begin searching through the menu. Porters, stouts, ales, lagers, IPAs, and much more are available, making it easy for every St. Patrick’s Day guest to find a drink suited to their palate. In addition to drinks, the bar has a well-regraded kitchen that churns out an array of savory entrees.

You can get a good feel for the accommodating vibes of Brendan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant by browsing through the various pictures on their Facebook page!

Garman’s Pub

The faint scent of Ireland can be detected in the drinks, food, and overall atmosphere of the highly regarded Garman’s Pub.

Beer options are available on tap, in bottles, and in cans plus you can also select from an assortment of Irish whiskey, scotch, and fine whiskey. As for favorites off the food menu, the Fish & Chips are delightful, the Reuben is sublime, and for dessert, you can top it off with Bread Pudding made fresh and served with vanilla ice cream and a topping of Irish whiskey caramel sauce.

The locals love Garman’s Pub, and you can read reviews from past guests by checking out their Facebook page!

Plan Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

The festivities begin early and extend well into the night at these acclaimed Irish pubs in Ventura, CA. To get your holiday plans in order, consider reserving a spot at one of these authentic Irish pubs!