Top Mexican Restaurants to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Ventura CA

Top Mexican Restaurants to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Ventura CA

As the festival season approaches, you may be searching for top Mexican restaurants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Ventura, CA. Well, each of the establishments on this list deliver an exciting mixture of atmosphere, food, drinks, and laughs. No matter who you may be celebrating with, you’ll likely make a few more friends and create a couple lasting memories after just a few hours at these local gems.

So, take a moment to learn about highly regarded Mexican restaurants in your area before the party starts!

Limon Y Sal

Limon Y SalThe fun and festivities are always occurring at Limon Y Sal, yet they become especially vibrant during the Cinco de Mayo party.

The pairing of ice cold Margaritas and Mexican street tacos will do wonders for both your mood and your appetite. There’s also the fabled Cantina 31, the 3rd-floor bar that is brimming with excitement, people, TVs, and music, making it easy to enjoy yourself whether you stay for 10 minutes or the entire night.

The Limon Y Sal Facebook page is a terrific spot to learn more about this local gem and also read reviews from past guests!

Margarita Villa

A Mexican grill that specializes in authentic tacos and delivers a stunning view of the nearby harbor? With features like that, it’s no surprise Margarita Villa has become a staple of the local community.

Tacos reign supreme at this acclaimed eatery yet during your festive Cinco de Mayo celebration you can also opt for quick appetizers like the Coconut Shrimp, Guacamole, Nachos, or Ceviche. The drinks come in bunches, too, with margaritas, tequila-inspired cocktails, specialty options, draft beer, and wine.

To see photos and get an overall vibe for Margarita Villa, check out their Facebook page!

Taqueria Cuernavaca

Taqueria CuernavacaAuthentic central Mexican cuisine is the flavor of the day when you visit the upbeat and homey restaurant Taqueria Cuernavaca.

The dinner menu is brimming with favored options like the Sabores, Parrillada Mixta, Alambre Especial, and Que Me Vez that includes steak, marinated pork, ham, cheese, onion, and bell peppers. As for drinks, the varied line up is highlighted by Horchata, Jamaica, and Tamarindo.

Crowds continue to flock to Taqueria Cuernavaca and a brief skimming of their Facebook page will give you an idea of why that’s the case!  

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at These Lively Mexican Restaurants

To enjoy one of the most splendid times of the year properly, rally your friends and family and head on over to any of these bustling, lively Mexican restaurants near Ventura, CA!