Land Rover Discovery Safety Rating

The following Land Rover Discovery safety rating review will give drivers in and around Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard an idea of just how protective this model is. Not only does the Land Rover Discovery come with a range of intuitive safety features, which we’ll touch on in the coming sections—it also features a cabin flush with airbags and other protective measures.

If you’re considering the Land Rover Discovery, read through this article to see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle before scheduling a test drive at Land Rover Ventura!

In-Cabin Safety: Airbags and Safety Measures

The Land Rover Discovery understands that safety is a comprehensive aspect of automotive care, which is why it places different levels of protection in and around the vehicle.

First up are the airbags and child safety measures. The airbag system is intricate, deigned to keep each passenger safe regardless of the type of collision that may occur. This system includes eight prominent driver and passenger airbags. If you have young children, the four available LATCH Tether Anchor points make it easy to install car seats. As you move, these LATCH points will hold the car seats securely in place.

The driver is also given a safety boost thanks to the Command Driving Position. This is essentially an elevated driving position that offers you a wider and more varied line of sight.

Automatic Driving Systems

The Land Rover Discovery also comes with a range of automatic safety features that will kick in when you need them most. These include Electronic Traction Control, which provides you with increased traction on any surface.

In addition to that, there’s the intuitive Electronic Brake-force Distribution system. With this in place, your SUV will vary the brake force between axles, always aiming to give you the quickest and most responsive stopping power possible. The Anti-Lock Braking System plays a role in this as well, working to ensure the full brake force is applied each time you attempt to decelerate.

Driver Assistance Technology

New-age technology has helped vehicles become safer than ever before. The Land Rover Discovery understands how helpful these types of advancements are, accordingly loading this SUV with tons of driver assistance equipment.

With Lane Keep Assist, for example, your vehicle will alert you if your SUV is beginning to drift out of its respective lane, going so far as to provide additional torque in an effort to help you steer back into the correct position. If you’re trying to fit into a narrow spot, the front and rear parking aid will be beneficial.

There are other note-worthy features as well, including available options like:

  • Emergency Braking
  • Rear View Camera
  • Cruise Control and Automatic Speed Limiter
  • 360-degree parking aid
  • Rear Traffic Monitor
  • Clear Exit Monitor
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

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Test Out the Land Rover Discovery

This Land Rover Discovery safety rating review highlights just how protective this SUV can be. To see it for yourself, schedule a test drive around Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard at Land Rover Ventura!