Land Rover Ventura


Land Rover is often recognized for creating highly-capable vehicles that contain a certain level of refinement and style. If you want to get an SUV that features these classic characteristics while also sporting high-end fuel efficiency, this Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid review is for you!

Range Rover Plug-In HybridThe Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid utilizes cutting-edge technology to generate impressive power while still maintaining an eco-friendly approach. If you’re around Ventura, Camarillo, or Oxnard and want to see how this SUV functions in person, contact Land Rover Ventura!

Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid Performance

When talking about performance with the Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid, there is a variety of information to sort through.

Let’s start by discussing power. This SUV will feel plenty athletic thanks to the unique engine design which generates upwards of 398 horsepower. It does this by combining aspects of an advanced 2.0L 296 horsepower gas engine with a high capacity 141 horsepower electric motor.

When you’re behind the wheel, you can select between two separate driving modes. First, there’s the default Parallel Hybrid mode which meshes gas and electric characteristics. Alternatively, you can select the EV or Electric Vehicle mode which is based entirely on electric power. When you shift to EV mode, you’ll enjoy a smooth, clean ride that is also exceptionally quiet and can sustain performance for a range of 31 miles.

Finally, the Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid is just as adept at tackling off-road paths and mountain trails as its fully gas-powered siblings.

In-Cabin Technology

The technologically advanced Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid features a diverse range of interior systems that will make your driving experience all the more pleasurable.

For example, the Touch Pro™ Duo and Interactive Driver Display will tell you just how efficiently your SUV is performing. It does this by rattling off a stream of real-time data that takes both the electric motor and combustion engine into consideration.

Not only does the Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid keep track of your performance efficiency, it will also lay out the most efficient path to your destination using the Intelligent Routing system. This system, which works in conjunction with InControl®, takes various factors into account such as gradient and terrain before determining the path of least resistance.

Exterior Style

Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid Exterior StyleThe cutting-edge performance and interior technology of the Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid is highly modernized, yet the exterior of this SUV retains that classic shine and luster that has helped it become so universally renowned.

The off-kilter box-shape of the body stands out in any crowd, as does the various trimmings and lines that run up and down the frame. For illumination, pristine LED headlights will flood dark roads with shimmering brightness. Check out the other Land Rover models in our new inventory to pick your favorite style!

Test Drive the Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid

The intuitive performance, advanced technology, and first-rate style discussed in this Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid review are just a few reasons why this SUV is so well-regarded around Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard.

To get behind the wheel and see how this unique engine system works, contact Land Rover Ventura today!